With CleanLine modular wall systems, there is no need to start from ground zero to meet new environmental control requirements in existing manufacturing space. These systems have design flexibility built in. They offer complete adaptability for changing layout and relocation requirements. The entire wall system can be utilized with all types of existing construction elements: ceilings, floors, and walls. Pre-engineered panels are interchangeable within all systems for consistent appearance, easier inventory and faster installation.

Complete Modular Flexibility
The Porta-Fab CleanLine Series includes three wall systems:

  • CleanLine S3000 Wall System – The perfect solution when a free-standing cleanroom envelope with a plenum cap is required and the design criteria do not allow the cleanroom to tie into an existing structure. Load-bearing roof provides support of mechanical equipment on roof.
  • CleanLine P2000 Wall System – Partition wall system ideal for interior plenum chase designs with non load-bearing applications.
  • CleanLine PM458 Wall System – Extra tall wall system for dividing plant space or creating large free standing enclosures with loadbearing decks

All lines are engineered for use in any class cleanroom and wall panels can be designed for all requirements.

CleanLine Wall Panels
Panels are available with various surface finishes including: vinyl, high pressure laminates, fiberglass reinforced plastics, painted steel, painted aluminum (conductive or non-conductive), or porcelainized steel. Panel cores include aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, expanded polystyrene, isocyanurate or gypsum.

Extended height cleanroom walls feature unique panels that can reach unlimited heights for both floor-to-ceiling applications and free-standing cleanrooms with load-bearing plenum caps.

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