PharmaWall System Z Clip
Z Clip

Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities, the PharmaWall System utilizes a patent pending “Z” clip design that integrates with our 1/2″ (12.7 mm) thick panels to be hung off a metal stud framework or an existing wall. The non-progressive system allows for the easy removal of panels.

By connecting to a metal stud framework you no longer have to be limited with the depth of your utility chases. All piping, mechanical and electrical processes can be easily integrated within 3-5/8″, 6″, 12″ or 18″ cavities without having to create a “double” wall out of two free-standing partition walls.

All wall-to-wall panel joints are then bonded together with either a caulk joint or chemical weld to provide a seal
between the adjacent panel surfaces and create a homogeneous finish throughout the cleanroom. Door
frames, windows, and floor to wall transitions are also
sealed in a similar manner.

Wall base is offset to accept epoxy floor coves or VCT radius covings creating a seamless transition.

The PharmaSystem features a number of attributes that allow it to comply with the most stringent guidelines for sterile conditions.

PharmaWall radius coving
Radius Coving
Piping penetration integrated into PharmaWall
Piping penetration integrated
into wall system

Radius Coving
Radius covings create fully flushed corner transitions and seamless wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-floor connections. Individual wall panels are bonded together and all electrical receptacles and windows are constructed to provide an extremely flush surface.

By providing aseptic detail at all corners, the PharmaSystem allows for total “cleanability.” All wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling junctions are trimmed with an extruded coving that features a large 3″ radius. The 2-piece cove connects into an extruded aluminum clip that can be mounted to either wall or ceiling surfaces.

Process & Utility Integration
Piping penetrations and enclosures can be easily created by utilizing the PharmaWall system design. The radius cove details and cleanable surfaces meet the requirements for a clean space and allow for future piping expansion capability.

Process service panels are easily integrated into the PharmaWall system in a recessed manner that minimizes ledges and joints. The panels can be designed to allow maintenance access and provide for future piping expansion.

The PharmaSystem’s modular design also allows cleanroom designers and contractors the ability to make field modifications during the installation process. This flexibility provides for a number of potential design cost savings.

Integrated Systems
Door systems are available with smooth, easy to clean surfaces that are non-shedding, non-porous, and resistant to sustaining microbial growth. They are available in a number of finishes including FRP, PVC faced, glass, aluminum, painted and stainless with swing, sliding or roll-up operation.

Vision panels (windows) are mounted into the wall system to provide a completely flush surface without ledges or joints. They can be hermetically sealed and coated with a desiccant finish. To minimize any air flow disruption, windows can also be integrated into return air walls.

Low wall returns are easily created by installing return air grilles into the plenum style design or raised air walls can be used to eliminate difficult to clean return air grilles and reduce the number of crevices in the room.

PharmaWall flush windows
Flush Vision Panels

PharmaSystem Wall Panels
Typical construction utilizes wall panels made with aluminum honeycomb cores and skins that are non-hygroscopic and corrosion resistant. The surfaces withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemicals and are resistant to sustaining microbial and fungal growth.

All components are designed to allow for the easy removal of any sources of extrinsic contamination while architectural finishes comply with design guidelines for room classification, usage, and product manufacturing.

By offering 3-5/8″, 6″, 12″ or 18″ deep cavities, the wall system can be used in conjunction with unlimited mechanical, electrical and process applications. Panels can also be configured to a variety of room heights.

To help meet building code requirements, PharmaWall panels are Class A-noncombustible in accordance with ASTM E84. A fire rating can be achieved by installing a PharmaWall system over a conventionally constructed fire rated wall.

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