The Anatomy of a Portafab Modular Office

The solid construction and quality components found in every Portafab building are indicated in this drawing of a standard 4-wall unit with 3″ thick walls. Most components are interchangeable with any Portafab model and a number of customized options are available.

1. Doors
Standard units are available with either 3070 – 20 gauge steel doors or 6070 double door assemblies. The drawing shows a 3070 with optional glazing (1/4″ clear tempered safety glass). Standard options include door closers, aluminum thresholds, locksets, louvers, and kickplates.

2. Cornice Mold
Sturdy anodized aluminum construction, either anodized or painted, provides handsome finished appearance.

3. Fixed Windows
Standard windows are either 4′ or 2′ in width and 3′ tall with 1/4″ clear tempered safety glass. Sliding windows and other sizes are also available.

4. Corrugated Steel Dust Cover
22 gauge ribbed steel decking painted and cut to length is standard for all units.

5. 2′ x 4′ Light Fixture
4-lamp light fixture with acrylic lens. (Bulbs not included.)

6. Acoustical Lay-in Ceiling
Prepainted metal grid with lay-in acoustical ceiling tiles made from noncombustible white fissured mineral board.

7. Exhaust Fan
Powerful exhaust fans can be included with any office.

8. Climate Control Unit
Standard units can be ordered with walls prepped with a factory installed cutout for mounted HVAC or AC units (also available).

9. Fire & Sound Panels
Standard Fire & Sound panels are 3″ thick and feature an insulating polystyrene core with a 1/2″ thick vinyl gypsum surface bonded to each side. Available in gray, champagne, or white.

10. Standard Thermal Panels
Standard wall panels are 3″ thick and feature 1/8″ thick vinyl hardboard bonded to an insulating polystyrene core. Available in gray, champagne, or white.

11. Steel Floor Track
Sturdy steel channels hold wall panels securely in place and are included with every modular office.

12. Corner Posts
Part of the framing system and included with every office.

13. Duplex Receptacle
Receptacles can be mounted in any wiring stud and are part of the standard electrical package that includes:

  • Duplex outlets
  • Wall switch
  • Circuit breaker box
  • Handy boxes and conduit

14. Wiring Studs
Part of all framing systems, studs permit the installation of electrical service vertically and accept standard electrical boxes. Complete modular wiring systems are also available.

15. Brown Vinyl Base
Screw-on type base is easily removable with no exposed screws or fasteners. Included with all modular offices.

More information on how to configure the main components of a modular office:

Framing Systems
The first step in configuring a modular office is to identify the best framing system for your application. The OmniFlex Plus system is ideal for most applications as it combines an attractive appearance with a high level of functionality, but Portafab offers a number of different systems specific applications.

Wall Panels
Once a framing system has been identified, the next step is to determine what type of wall panels you want for the office or enclosure. Portafab’s line of Fire & Sound panels are ideal for the majority of inplant office and enclosure applications because they meet most building codes and provide excellent sound reduction and thermal insulation. Hardboard panels, steel, and fiberglass panels are also available and there are a number of different finishes and core options within each line.

Roof & Ceiling Systems
Most offices will utilize a 22 gauge corrugated “B” deck painted and cut to length that supports a drop ceiling of 2′ x 4′ mineral fiber board ceiling tiles on a white steel grid system. Optional ceiling tiles, insulation, and support beams are available as required by the application.

With the structure in place, one can turn to specifying the type of door they need and how many entrances are needed. Standard doors are 20 gauge 3070 and 6070 models with or without glass. Stock options include door closers, aluminum thresholds, knob or lever locksets, door louvers, and kickplates. Of course, offices and enclosures can be outfitted with everything from aluminum storefront models to impact or roll up doors.

Most offices can then be outfitted with our standard 1/4″ thick tempered safety glass windows in either 4′ or 2′ widths and 3′ heights. Utilizing 6′ tall windows has also proven to be popular for team and meeting rooms and we also offer sliding windows and a variety of glazing options.

Electrical & Lighting
With Portafab’s modular wiring package, your inplant office will be outfitted with everything it needs for simple installation. You will need an electrician to bring power to the circuit breaker box and make the conversion from hardwire to modular loop, but otherwise the set up is easy. Simply specify the number of outlets, switches, and lights that you need and we’ll do the rest.

Climate Control
To complete your office or enclosure, we offer a variety of HVAC units, air conditioning units, and baseboard heaters. Wall panels can be modified before shipment to include a framed opening for these units.

The following steps outline the design considerations that go into a typical modular office or enclosure. Customized solutions, however, can be created to meet all types of requirements. From offices built on forkliftable bases to those suspended on a second story mezzanine, Portafab can create a solution for your needs.

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