cleanroom fabline wall systems The manufacture of precision microelectronics demands critical environmental conditions. With rapid market life cycles and ongoing product development, the ability to respond immediately to changing demands is essential.

FabLine cleanroom walls are designed for such change. Functionally designed components give you complete flexibility to adapt to constantly changing requirements from expanding a facility to retooling an entire operation. The unique design and assembly improvements ensure your ability to control the critical elements of a cleanroom environment. Systems are engineered for use in any class cleanroom to meet your most demanding specifications.

FabLine is typically used with all aluminum composite wall panels that are non-outgassing, non-particle shedding and anti-static – all factors that decrease product contamination concerns. The non-progressive design allows for easy removal of the walls for equipment bulkheading without the need to remove adjacent panels, framing studs, or ceiling grids.

A Total Cleanroom Wall System

The PortaFab FabLine Series includes three wall systems for all applications.

FabLine Framed Wall Systems
Ideal for bay-chase and plenum designs especially with tools and bulkheading equipment.

FabLine Batten Wall System
Excellent in ballroom designs when large bulkheads are not required.

FabLine Furring Wall Systems
Perfect for lining existing walls or structures and attaching to separate framework to create a wall system.

Pre-engineered wall panels are interchangeable within all three systems, for consistent appearance, easier inventory and faster installation.

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