PortaMax 458 Cleanroom Wall System The PM458 system features extra height walls that can extend to your existing ceiling or be freestanding with loadbearing decks. Wall heights are virtually unlimited.

The anodized aluminum components are ideal for achieving maximum cleanliness in a controlled environment. With all of the options available, PortaFab can tailor a cleanroom or paint enclosure to fit your environmental control and plant configuration needs faster and at less cost than conventional construction.

The PM458’s nonprogressive construction also makes it easy to take down and re-use panels to accommodate layout changes. Customized designs meet your exact room needs, enabling you to interface easily with mechanical equipment and accommodate conveyor openings or pass-thrus.

The simple, fast installation of the PM458 minimizes plant disruption while the variety of core materials and panel finishes allow you to meet requirements for acoustic and thermal insulation, chemical resistance, and static control.

Features and Benefits

  • 4-5/8″ wall panel provides flush wall surface on both sides
  • Ideal for most cleanroom environments
  • Load-bearing roof capabilities allow the structure to be a separate free-standing unit with the plenum cap supporting the mechanical equipment
  • Complete flexibility allows the wall system to be designed for any configuration or application
  • Easy removal of panels without disturbing adjacent panels or ceiling for minimum contamination
  • Each stud post is designed for flush-mounted and concealed wiring capabilities
  • Flush single-glazed or double-glazed windows available
  • Minimal connection hardware allows for quick installation
  • Interfaces with ceiling grid systems, flooring systems, existing modular wall systems and conventional construction
  • Available in heights up to 24′ tall

Panel Options

  • Panel surfaces can include vinyl, high pressure laminates (HPL), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum, and steel. Aluminum and steel can be finished with a variety of paint including baked conductive and non-conductive epoxy, polyester, and acrylic.
  • Panel cores include aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, polystyrene, gypsum and isocyanurate and others based on project requirements
equipment enclosureThe PM458 wall system is often used for enclosing large, automated paint operations.
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