Belcher Equipment can outfit your new mezzanine with a wide variety of accessories and options for added functionality, safety, and protection.

Stairs and Landings
Unlimited configurations are available to meet requirements of any application: Straight run, “L” shaped, or “U”-shaped. Tread choice of diamond plate or open-grate material. Steel components are finished in highly durable, chemical-resistant epoxy, or can also be available with a galvanized finish. Each design can be provided to meet IBC, UBC, BOCA, SBCCI, or OSHA requirements.

Stairs and Landings Belcher Equipment

Safety Gates
We can design a gate to meet any need for new mezzanines or for existing structures.

  • Single or double gate assemblies for openings from 36″ to 84″
  • Sliding gates available to create openings up to 120″
  • Lift-gates allow for openings up to 60″ wide
Safety Gates Belcher Equipment

Border Guard
Protect your personnel and valuable plant equipment with our Border Guard protective railing system. Border guard is painted yellow and is available in a variety of lengths in single, double, or triple rail configurations. For those areas requiring protection, yet quick access to equipment, a removable rail system can be provided.

Border Guard Belcher Equipment

Guard Rails (Protective Handrails)
PortaFab handrails provide safety and can be used on existing structures, on the floor, or as barriers between different work areas.

Shipped in factory welded, panelized sections for quick and easy installation, handrail sections utilize a 2″ round pipe for top and center rails and incorporate a 2″x4″ rectangular tube kick plate. 2-rail designs for IBC, BOCA, SBCCI, and OSHA requirements or 3-rail designs for UBC requirements are also available.

Guard Rails (Protective Handrails) Belcher Equipment

Custom Openings
Whether you need to incorporate conveyors, lift equipment, racks or carousels into your mezzanine, we can work with you and your equipment supplier to establish the required openings you need and coordinate the installation of the total system.

Custom Openings Belcher Equipment

Lift Equipment
Vertical mezzanine lifts provide a safe, efficient way to transport materials and equipment from ground level to the mezzanine deck. Lifts can be designed to accommodate your requirements of load weight, load size, and required speed of travel. Vertical lofts can also be provided for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated uses.

Lift Equipment Belcher Equipment

Cantilevers allow flexible adjustment of column placements to avoid interference with traffic beneath the mezzanine. They can also be used along existing walls to deck around existing columns, piping, or equipment.

Pallet Drop Plate
These plates protect against deck damage caused by equipment used to transport materials on and off mezzanine edges. It will extend the life of your mezzanine deck.

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