Modular wall systems can be utilized for a wide variety of applications. From simple office partitions to sophisticated cleanroom walls, our modular systems provide portability along with structural soundness.

Innerspace Wall Partitions Belcher Equipment
Inplant office wall partitions

Inplant Offices
The OmniFlex 300 Plus wall system is perfect for creating all types of inplant offices especially those requiring loadbearing capabilities for a second story office or storage mezzanine.

Office partitions Belcher Equipment

Office Partitions
Panel II partitions are perfect for segmenting office space in a professional, yet portable manner.

Wall Partitions Belcher Equipment

Wall Partitions
Series 300 aluminum wall partitions can be used to achieve an upscale, high-tech look when segmenting out work areas and offices.

Industrial wall partitions Belcher Equipment

Industrial Wall Partitions
PortaMax Xtra-Tall Wall Systems are ideal for partitioning off areas in manufacturing and assembly plants.

Cleanroom wall partitions Belcher Equipment

Cleanroom Wall Partitions
As the leading manufacturer of modular wall systems for cleanrooms, we offer systems specifically designed for the microelectronics and life sciences industries as well as general applications like machine enclosures and laboratories.

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