Cleanroom Diagram

1. Furring Wall Systems
Furring walls allow existing walls or channels to be quickly skinned.

2. Batten Wall Systems
Floor to ceiling walls provide fast installation with a flush surface on both sides of the wall.

3. Electric Sliding Doors
Aluminum sliding doors are easily accommodated by interfacing with our wall systems.

4. Framed Windows
Single or double flush windows can be glazed from stud to stud for full glass viewing.

5. Grille Openings
Return air grilles can be easily installed into our wall panels in the field, or at the factory, reducing field labor costs.

6. Wall Penetrations
Pass thrus, piping and equipment can penetrate wall panels through simple field modifications.

7. Doors
Aluminum rail and stile doors provide an attractive appearance with a variety of hardware options available.

8. Framed Wall Systems
Provide flush wall surfaces on cleanroom side with integrated support on the chase side for piping, conduit and related equipment required to service the cleanroom.

9. Ceiling/Head Track Interface
Our gasketed head tracks can interface with standard grids and flush grids providing a virtually seamless transition.

10. Factory Installed Windows
Pre-installed windows with mitered corners provide flush glazing with a beveled back allowing for an easy wipe down.

11. Bulkheading
Tool fit-ups and equipment bulkheading can be easily integrated into the Framed Wall System for a sealed interface.

12. Elevated Wall Panel
Panels can be elevated for side wall returns. Egg crate and wire mesh can be integrated with the studs to conceal mechanical plenums.

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