Cleanrooms can be outfitted with a variety of options and accessories to meet all of your specific needs.

Cleanroom Doors
Full glass of half glass architectural aluminum doors are available with a variety of hardware options, including pivot hinges, surface mounted closers, concealed closers, panic hardware, and locksets. All horizontal glazing clips are beveled to eliminate any difficulty in wiping down corners to reduce particle accumulations.

Cleanroom Doors Belcher Equipment

Steel Doors
Glazed or flush steel doors integrate into the aluminum door frames utilizing butt hinges at the jamb connection.

Electric Sliding
Sliding doors easily integrate into our wall systems and are available in any size with a variety of hardware available including push button entries, motion sensors, and non-outgassing seals.

Electric Sliding Doors Belcher Equipment

High Speed Roll Up Doors
Roll Up Doors offer advantages over swinging doors, sliding doors, and strip curtains. Doors can be created up to 18′ x 18′. Suitable for Class 100,000 to Class 10,000 applications, the door opens and closes quickly reducing the time the cleanroom interior is exposed.

High Speed Roll Up Doors Belcher Equipment

Pass Thrus
Pass thru air locks minimize entry of contaminants into the clean room by providing a means for pick-up and delivery of products and supplies without personnel entry. Productivity is increased because clean room personnel remain clean and on-the-job; delivery personnel and contaminants remain outside.

Pass Thrus Belcher Equipment

Grill Openings
Grill openings and cutouts for pass thrus, windows, or equipment can be factory installed to reduce field labor costs and assembly time.

Grill Openings Belcher Equipment

Wiring Studs
The need for communication, utility, and electrical lines are of the utmost importance in any facility. The wiring stud post provides capabilities for running vertical and horizontal wiring/communication lines without having to cut out openings in the wall panels or affecting the structural integrity of the wall.

Wiring Studs Belcher Equipment

Mezzanine Structures
The need to support mechanical equipment, piping, and ceiling systems is critical in cleanrooms, so when an existing facility is unable to offer this criteria, our mezzanine structures provide the “envelope” structure without tying into the existing building. These free-standing structures can be designed to any configuration and size requirements.

Mezzanine Structures Belcher Equipment

Air Showers
Air showers remove surface lint and dust from garments of workers entering the clean room without time consuming and counterproductive decontamination delays.

Glazing Options
Windows and doors can be glazed with a variety of options as specified by the project requirements. One can choose from tempered glass, tinted glass, lexan, acrylic, static dissipative, film-covered glass or solid panels.

Glazing Options Belcher Equipment

Paint Finishes
A variety of painted finishes are available with aluminum or steel surfaces including conductive epoxy, non-conductive epoxy, acrylics, polyester, or powder coating.

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