Window-stud-panel detail All offices can be outfitted with a variety of windows. Our most popular models are our basic fixed windows that measure either 4′ or 2′ wide by 3′ high. These come standard with 1/4" clear tempered safety glass. Fixed windows measuring as large as 4′ wide x 6′ tall, double flush, and sloped windows can also be incorporated into the wall panels.

Our wall panels utilize a glazing stop that allows for the easy replacement of broken or damaged windows. This is a very important feature given the harsh environments in which many inplant offices reside.

In addition to the clear tempered safety glass, we also offer laminated glass for added sound control, insulated glass for better thermal insulation, and break resistant polycarbonate windows.

Sliding windows measuring 3′ x 3′ are another standard option available as are flush windows that are typically used more for cleanroom applications.


Extra large window panels are very popular for creating a more open environment.

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