FabLine Batten 2000 Wall System When extensive bulkheading is not required, the 2.00″ (50mm) thick FabLine Batten wall system provides an effective, economical partition system. Fewer components and simpler design allows the wall system to be installed even more quickly than framed wall systems or conventional construction while still maintaining a flush surface on both sides of the wall. The nonprogressive design allows the individual wall panels to be moved without disturbing adjacent walls or ceiling.

Interchangeable Versatility
When tool bulkheading is required, Batten 2000 wall system can easily interface with the Framed wall system. to accommodate tool and equipment requirements without disturbing the aesthetics of the wall installation.

FabLine Batten 2000 bulkhead gasketBatten Window
Batten Bulkhead Gasket

Provides an air tight seal around tools and equipment

Batten Window

Factory installed windows provide single flush glazing and beveled backs for convenient wipe downs.

Features and Benefits

  • 1.88″ (50mm) wall panel utilized to allow flush wall surface on both sides
  • Ideal for environments up to a sub-M1 classification
  • Complete flexibility allows the wall system to be designed for any configuration
  • Easy removal of panels without disturbing adjacent panels, ceiling or framework for minimum contamination
  • By interchanging with framed wall system at opening locations, larger bulkheads can be easily accommodated without any inconsistency in appearance
  • Fewer components yields quicker cleanroom installation
  • Stud post and batten support the attachment of shelves and utility runs on wall face
  • Floating headtrack available allowing for ceiling deflection and minimizing wall vibration
  • Windows can be preinstalled in full size panel reducing labor costs and time in the field
  • Interfaces with ceiling grid systems, flooring systems, existing modular wall systems and conventional construction for complete systems compatibility
  • Superior Finish

Wall Panels

  • Panels are non-outgassing, non-particle shedding, and anti-static to protect against product contamination
  • Panel finishes provide chemical resistance
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