Our Xtra-Tall Wall Systems
With PortaMax XTRA-TALL modular walls you can effectively and economically divide your plant space – from floor to roof – or when used with roof deck, to create freestanding in-plant buildings taller and stronger than ever before possible with modular construction.

Nonprogressive construction allows easy removal of individual panels without disturbing adjacent panels. Just remove necessary wall sections to move equipment into completed units and replace in a fraction of the time needed in a conventionally built facility.

PortaMax gives you exactly the enclosed space you need to control dust, temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental needs.

“Fire and Sound” Industrial Partitions
PortaMax systems are available with non-combustible panels constructed of polystyrene insulating core sealed between 1/2″ gypsum panels, laminated to 24-gauge steel with a polyester baked enamel finish. They are the perfect wall partitions for industrial applications.


  • Wall height:
    • PortaMax 458S: 24′
    • PortaMax 458A: 24′
    • PortaMax 600S: 40′
  • Wall Thickness:
    • PortaMax 458S: 4 5/8″ thick
    • PortaMax 458A: 4 5/8″ thick
    • PortaMax 600S: 6″ thick
  • All PortaMax systems offer loadbearing capability.
  • Champagne, gray and white are the standard panel colors. Optional colors can be ordered.
Stud Construction

PortaMax Wall Systems are available in both steel (S-Series) and anodized aluminum (A-Series).

PortaMax S-SeriesPortaMax A-Series
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